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When it comes to online dating sites, some people easily lose their words or are unable to come up with something smart to catch the attention of their potential partner. However, things shouldn’t be like this at all, since online dating is the easiest form of meeting new people and bonding relationships. So, if you’re new to this domain and would be more comfortable with some help, here are 16 online dating tips which will come in handy:

1. Get yourself a high quality photo. Portrait, nothing else. Usually photos that are attached to online profiles on dating sites are small. Therefore, you simply need a portrait picture with your face, one that is in your advantage, obviously. Choose a photo in which you do not wear glasses or a hat to cover half of your face. As they say, eyes are the mirror of your soul, so you not hide them. At the same time, you must provide a picture that represents you and that will catch the interest of your potential partners.

2. Complete your online profile with care. Take your time, try to write about yourself, who you are, how you would characterize yourself, what you like to do and what not. Be as honest as possible because lying comes to light anyway. Be also careful in terms of wording and punctuation mistakes. If you’re unsure whether you’re doing it right or not, you can also use help a website specialized in proofreading to help you (e.g. SpellCheck.net/grammar-checker/).

3. Do not give too many details the first time. When you are in an online meeting, avoid telling your partner about too many things in your life. You surely risk to bore him and provide him with details he does not care about. Stick to the basics, which can be a good starting point for a longer, exciting and more captivating discussion. If you offer your possible partner too many information which start even since your childhood, you can be easily regarded as desperate.

4. Talk over the phone first. Indeed, it’s advisable not to give your phone number to anyone. However, contact is needed when you finally manage to meet someone that you think might be your soul mate. If you don’t have a prepaid card with a number to use it in such situations, then you’re best asking him to provide his number first and then call him anonymously (at least the first time, anyways). Forewarned is forearmed. And anyway, if the man urges you to give him your number, then you’d better proceed with caution as such behavior is never a good sign.

5. Read the other person’s profile carefully. Some people lie in terms of age, education, job and so on. Read your partner’s profile on its whole and study it carefully to discover possible inadequacies. If you feel that you are lied, then there’s no reason to continue the discussion with him. The pond is and has always been full of fish.

6. Do not initiate a sex-based discussion. Women think that most men only care about sex and they register themselves an account on online dating sites just to get a date in this regard. No matter how beautiful your discussion on the dating site is, avoid bringing up sex, even in a veiled way. She is ventured to form a low opinion of yourself and begin to avoid you to the point where she’ll completely ignore you. If she initiates such a discussion, be careful not to get carried away and try to temper your desire to fully exploit such a topic of discussion. Finally, you will be surprised to discover that many women tend to bring up the subject and you will see that your abstinence in this regard is really going to pay off.

7. Do not lie. When you complete your profile on the online dating site, avoid lying. Usually, people tend to lie about income, the occupation, study, marital status, etc.. Do not forget that sooner or later the lies will be discovered and you will end up alone. If there are some things which you are unhappy with (e.g. low income, boring occupation, etc.) just focus on other, more cheerful, aspects of your life instead. You have to be 100% honest if you seek a beautiful and long-lasting relationship with someone, and the same principle also applies to online dating.

8. Do not send too many messages. If you leave her too many messages on the online dating site, you will only leave the impression that you are desperate after an affair. Avoid letting her offline messages, and try sending instead, when possible, emails. It is preferable to talk with her only when she enters the online dating site, and not in the first 10 minutes. Otherwise, you risk looking like a stalker and make her believe that you made an obsession for her.

9. Be yourself. Nothing works better on an online date than being yourself. A natural behavior, the one that she was looking for when exploring the site will make you more agreeable and give you higher chances for a second meeting. Therefore, you avoid trying too hard to make things work. Do not say anything forced and don’t try to tell jokes or anything else that you wouldn’t normally do. If you act natural, you’ll feel at ease and you will cause your online partner to feel comfortable in your presence.

10. Make them feel special. Clearly you want to prove them that you are really interested in a relationship. In this regard, it is important to make them feel special. What can you do? First, you need to gather a sufficient amount of information about your partner. Then, an excellent way to show them that you are interested is to demonstrate that you remember what they told you the day earlier, and thus continue the discussion from where it last ended. Also, show the someone that you are eager to know more about them. Ask questions and then listen to your possible partner’s interests with caution, requesting additional information to show that you are an active listener and that you care.

11. Give them compliments, but moderately. Compliments are flattering for any person, but not when they are in excess. In this respect, praise you limit yourself to only three grades, no more than that. You can compliment, for instance, there look, style and intelligence. Also, not to put you in a position of inferiority in opposition to them, always use formulations like “you seem to have a very successful look”, instead of like “you really have a very nice look.”

12. Avoid seeming desperate. In line with the previous point, the success of the second meeting is almost assured by avoiding a desperate attitude. It is important to make her understand that you want her, not that you do absolutely need her – the difference is essential! In this regard, a natural attitude will help, so try to relax and avoid eccentricities or off-site jokes.

13. Do not stick entirely to texts and phone calls. At some point you will have to see your partner in private, on a real date. Speaking only online or by phone, both of you risk to be disappointed when you meet in the real world. And even worse, you risk to be disappointed after you’ve already implied emotionally.

14. Think of a cafe. The first meeting should always be in a coffee on the morning before work (or, if not possible, during afternoon when you both have finished in a work). It should also be in a place as populated as possible, as this is the first time you’re meeting your partner in the real world.

15. Ask more questions. This is the best and easiest way to find out more about the man or woman who you will ultimately meet face to face. The only way in which you’ll be able to figure out if you are compatible, if you really like him/her, is to find out whether they seek a real relationship or just an online meeting.

16. Wait to call you … but not forever. Regardless of how the online meeting went, if the partner does not call you within the next two or three days, then it might be time to forget them and move on.

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