4 Ways to Know if a Man is Ready to Settle Down

Tip-1: Past Relationship Status

Tip-2: Past living situations

Tip-3: Age

Tip-4: Past financial situation

Getting married is a big step for any man, and there are several telltale signs that he is ready to take that step. While there is plenty of advice on this topic, these four tips are genuine ways to see how the man will react to marriage. Some men will want to meet your friends, wait for sex, and treat you with respect whether they are ready to tie the knot or not. In some cases, they do this simply to try and impress the woman they are with, rather than to show her that he is marriage material. Knowing the difference between being a nice boyfriend and having everything together in life can be a crucial way to decide if your man is ready to get married.

These crucial factors help to define your relationship. If a man does not have these features, it means that he isn’t quite ready to settle down yet. This can lead to some disappointments, especially if he is saying one thing and doing another. To avoid getting strung along, you need to make sure that you are on the same page in the relationship. It isn’t always about compatibility or how wonderful you are, sometimes men just aren’t ready to get married yet.

Fake relationships and commitments are actually fairly common. Just because he says you are in a relationship that doesn’t mean he is fully committed to you. Some men get into casual relationships where they aren’t fully committed only to start acting like they are still single.

Use these four tips to help you see if your man is ready to tie the knot or start a serious relationship. Each tip can work on a scale, and the more of these features a man has, the more likely he is to commit. These features are somewhat difficult to lie your way out of, so they can be an excellent way to start judging him.

 Past Relationship Status

One way to tell if a man is ready to commit is if he has been single for a long time. Many women make the mistake of thinking that just because he has had plenty of strong relationships that he is ready to commit. If he has had several relationships with very little time in between, this could indicate that he still prefers the single life. He may not be ready to settle down just yet. This doesn’t mean that he can’t have a relationship, it is just an indication that he may not be fully committed.

It is often recommended to find a man who has been single for at least five years, but this is a very arbitrary time frame. The longer he has been single, the less likely he is to want to date around or party. It’s an indicator that he is avoiding the single lifestyle and may be ready to start a new phase in his life.

Past Living Situations

Men that are more likely to settle down will have had their own place for a while. If he is living at home, he may not have been able to live the bachelor lifestyle that every man needs to go through. His living conditions may have made it easy for him to be single, but not necessary for him to bring girls home or stay out late partying. Every man has a list of things they want to do before they settle down with a woman, and most will need their own space to do it. The longer the man has had their own place to live, the more likely they are to be willing to commit to a relationship.


Age is more than just a number. The older a man is, the better he is. Almost every man who is under 25 will cheat at some point, but that habit can stay with someone until they are over the age of 30. That isn’t to say that older men don’t cheat, they are simply less likely to do so because they have already surpassed that stage of their life. Just because they are older doesn’t mean they are ready to settle down, either. If a man is over 30 but just got divorced or recently moved back home, he may not be ready to commit to you yet.

The reason age is so important is because with it comes experience. Being over 30 allows the man some time to grow as a person and establish themselves in the world. They also have had time to figure out who they are and are not compatible with. They can discover what they truly want out of a relationship. This makes things smoother in the relationship and makes it easier for the commitment to blossom into something steady.

Past Financial Situation

Being financially stable for a long period of time is also very crucial in determining whether or not a man is ready for marriage. If he cannot support himself or has only recently gotten back on his feet, than he may not have experienced everything he needed to while he was single. A man has to properly experience the single life at some point in his life and he needs money to do it. This helps him tire of the active single life and get ready to settle down.

Using all of these tips together can help you figure out if you have a good marriage candidate. For example, a 32 year old man who has been single for a few years, lived on his own, and has been financially stable for a while is more likely to want to settle down than a man of the same age who has lived with his ex-girlfriend for a few years, recently switched jobs, and recently started dating again.

Review the tips and use them to help you see how ready your man is to settle down. The idea is to find a man that has a good combination of these four tips. While this isn’t necessarily an indicator that they won’t get in a relationship with you, these telltale signs can help you understand what to expect. It can show that a man has experienced the single life and is ready for the next chapter of his life. For more information on relationships, visit iloveblackwomen.net, the website dedicated to starting relationships with black women.

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