What do Women Want | the 4 Major Things that Women Want in Man but don’t tell you

In this Episode you will learn the 4 major things that women want in a man

1. Status

2. Looks

3. Personality

4. Performance in bed.

Many men have trouble understanding what women want. It is that women often have a fear that if they communicate that they want these four traits, they will sound vein. This makes the question, “what do women want?” a lot more common among men.

These four characteristics will tell you exactly the things that women don’t tell you they want in a man  and how having these key features can affect your potential desirability. This isn’t to say that women won’t date you if you don’t have these features, it is just important to have some of them. Women definitely want mutual love, honesty, respect, communication, man with morels and much more. But this list is strictly about the characteristics desired by women that are less discussed and are just as important.

These characteristics are listed in no particular order. All of these things can play into each other, and other factors in your life can help people look past not having them. It works on a sliding scale, and every woman has a different formula they use to help them determine which of these features make the perfect man.

The only problem with these characteristics are that women will very rarely say that they want them. Women tend to tell others that they want a man who is sweet, kind, honest and good guy; and they do. However, they don’t usually say that they want a man who of status, who is physically attractive , and great in bed. That doesn’t make the statement less true though. Women usually just have a fear of coming off as sounding shallow, which is understandable, and the topics aren’t always easy to discuss.

Some ladies may say that they don’t necessarily care for these four characteristics, but some may say that for fear of the byproduct of these four characteristics which is him cheating or being a player.  Being wealthy, physically attractive, charming and great in bed will never be considered unattractive but the byproducts of cheating or being a player are what they will deemed as undesired.

This list is to help you understand what women want in a man and how to become more attractive, even if you aren’t told this is what you need to do.


Women are attracted to a boss and a winner.

Status is important in many areas of life that has influence over others. While women may not say that they want a man with status, they do want to surround themselves with a team of winners. This means finding a man that has a lot of respect.

As we age, respect begins to form based on our job title. If you work for a well-known company, making a great income you are more likely to have respect as an adult. You can still have some respect in an entry-level position, and status is a very relative term.

In terms of dating, women tend to date up while men tend to date down regarding status. This means that women prefer to be with a man that has some kind of status.

Again, all of these are based on personal opinion and relevance. For example, a women with an entry level position may be more open to loving a man the a middle-income position. Which is fine because status and wealth doesn’t make you a better husband in a relationship. But being a winner, boss, man of stature brings out a raw natural attraction in a woman.


Women often understated and men often overstate the importance of physical  attractiveness in a mate. Everyone has a different idea of what is and is not attractive. While women often say that the personality helps them decide who they want to be with, there is no denying that women love an attractive man.

Even though being 6’3 with a chiseled jawline and a body of a NFL running back helps in the looks department; it is important to make yourself look the best you can. Cleanliness is the key to keeping women interested. Know how to dress and how to present yourself in order to help you gain more confidence. When you are well-groomed (but not over-groomed) and well-dressed, you naturally look more attractive.

Note: Don’t forget that you can kill your looks with what comes out your month. Which take us to my next point.


Personality is important in all aspects of life. Women often look for a man with a lot of maturity who can approach them and have a meaningful, smart, fun conversation. They don’t want a man that is going to be scared to talk to them or is rude all the time. They love a man that can make them laugh, who is smart and mature.

Having a great personality can often make a man more desirable if they don’t have status or great looks. Snoop Dog is a classic example of a man who isn’t necessarily attractive, but still has a lot of people that want to be around him. This is because he has a ton of charisma, and we see it all the time with celebrities. Many celebrities are considered desirable because they are a combination of charismatic and have some status, not because they are attractive.

If you want to have a more attractive personality, you need to be cool without trying. That is very hard to accomplish without any effort. Being cool without trying to be cool can be learned over time, and as long as you don’t become arrogant, can work in your favor.

 Performance in Bed

Women don’t always say they want a man who is great in bed, but this doesn’t mean they don’t like it. Women enjoy sex and sex is a very important part of a healthy relationship. Performance in bed is a pretty self-explanatory topic, and there are ways to improve in that area.

There are plenty of ways to tell what do women want in men. It isn’t just about being a good guy. These strong characteristics are the untold story of women’s attraction to men. If a man has a career, became more charismatic or started physically taking better care of himself, he may find that he is more attractive to women.

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