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With so many  are drawn to various features that most black women possess. Although this sounds shallow, there really are physical traits and characteristic traits that are specific to black women that many men are drawn to, including white men. It is the same as anyone being attracted to anyone else. Some people prefer blondes or gingers, some people are drawn to the darker skinned Europeans, and some are attracted to fair skinned individuals. White men dating black women, is the same thing. They are attracted to the darker skin, voluptuous curves, strong personalities, and various other characteristics.y relationship advice columns and informative articles about how men and women interact, very little is often spoken about interracial aspects of relationships. To be frank, people are often too nervous to talk about what makes white men like black women and vice versa, for fear of being labeled a racist. Do white men like black women? The answer is yes they do! And it is more common than most people realize. During a recent survey done on a portion of white men, some very interesting points revealed about what they like about black women.

When trying to find the answer to the question, do white men like black women, the men that were interviewed in the survey have provided some insight into this answer. Here are the primary points that were brought up as the main reasons for white men being attracted to black women.

Their Beauty and Graceful Aging

According to various studies black women actually age more slowly than any other race. This is because of the concentration of the pigment, melanin, in the skin cells. While, this gives the skin its gorgeous, chocolate hue, it also prevents wrinkles from forming. Wrinkles that form as you get older are known as photoageing, and evidence suggests that Caucasian skin absorbs the least amount of UV rays and this causes the skin to lose moisture and elasticity. Black skin has melanin tightly compacted, which absorbs more light and scatters it. So, when it comes to white men dating black women, it is easy to see why white men would find black women’s skin beautiful, as it does age that quickly and therefore has fewer wrinkles. One participant mentioned that, “Black women are sexy and exotic.”

Curvaceous Features

When discovering what white men who date black women find appealing about them, one of the primary factors that popped up had to do with the luscious curves of black women. The white men in the survey mentioned that they were more attracted to black women because of their figures – their full lips, their hips and their overall, natural curves. Many other races, including white women, resort to collagen lip implants and butt cheek implants so that they can get this effect. There are plenty of studies that show that men actually prefer the fuller, hourglass figures of women as opposed to the skinny, waif-like figures that supermodels and the media have led women to believe. This has been confirmed by University of Texas psychologists, as well as by professors from Harvard who say that men subconsciously attracted to women with a more voluptuous figure, as this resembles her fertility.

In addition to this, a recent study carried out through social online networks revealed that 59% of the 1200 men that took part, found fuller figured size 12 women more attractive than any other dress size, with size 14 and size 16 being the second and third most popular consecutively. The women on the skinnier end of the scale were found to be the least attractive with the smaller size 6 only receiving 2% of the vote.

Achievements in the Face of Adversity

White men are often attracted to black women because of their tenacity, the great achievements they have made, and their success in life despite adversity and struggle. Many white men in the survey mentioned that they found this strong, successful type of women very attractive. Being a minority group, black women are often faced with social, economic, gender, and financial issues that they have to overcome. Poverty is also still a huge problem among the female population in the United States, specifically in single mother households, with over 6 million black women living below the poverty line. However, black women have risen above the odds and proven that they can also be high achievers. This has been shown recently in the US Census Bureau where the percentage of black women enrolling in colleges and Universities has reached an all time high, increasing by a whopping 31 % in one year. This also indicates that black women surpass all other racial groups in terms of tertiary education enrollments. White men who date black women recognize this enormous achievement and are attracted to the fight, commitment and powerful personalities of black women.


Do white men like black women for their personalities? Yes, they do! Contrary to popular belief, white men are not intimidated by the often out-going, assertiveness of black women, nor are they put off by the cool swagger. In fact, white men find this aspect of black women interesting, exciting, and fun. They find the highly sociable, confident nature of a black woman enjoyable to be around. As one participant said, “Black women are powerful and simply say it like it is. I find it refreshing that they don’t stand for B.S.”

Overall, when asking, “do white men like black women,” you can see that the answer is a resounding, Yes! There are many white men dating black women for these and many other reasons, whether they are conscious or not. Hundreds of men, including white men are naturally attracted to darker skinned, voluptuous women who are confident, out-going, strong achievers, and fun to be around.

As you can see, there are many physical attributes and characteristics that black women possess which make them unique, exotic, and highly appealing to the opposite gender. They have natural traits that other women try hard to reproduce and they are known for being strong-willed, assertive, and confident, which all men, including white men, find extremely attractive. Any woman who is confident within herself is very appealing, and she will make any man want to get to know her. The final aspect of the survey that was revealed by the various white men who date black women, is that they are attracted to the distinctive, exciting culture of black women and the close family units that they come from. “Most black women I have dated have huge extended families who all love getting together, and they have such a rich culture, which is interesting and exciting!” So, there you have it – there really is a lot that white men love about black women!

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  • I can attest to everything in the article. Strong, beautiful, smart, funny, exotic, it’s all true. They also understand their femininity in way no white woman I know. They dress sexy no matter their body shape, they don’t buy in to the whole perfect image bs promoted everywhere they know that perfection is a state of mind. And as a man I couldn’t agree more.
    My love has very generous curves and I love giving her a massage and rubbing my hands over every inch. I’ve always said if more white men knew how fabulous black women are skinny blondes would be dateless.


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