A Dating Site for Black Womenand the Men who love Black Women

What makes iloveblackwomen.net different?

Here we make single Black Women the focus. Only black women can join while all races of men including Black men, Latino men and White men who love black women can join. East European, Asian and Latina women all have Multiple Dating Sites that make them the focus. Black Women are the only group of ladies that do not have a dating site for men who want to meet Black Women.
iloveblackwomen.net is not owned by a huge company with 30 other cookie cutter sites just like it. iloveblackwomen.net is run by me, Anthony Robinson. I will be active with this site everyday because it is my creation and I am passionate about it. You are not giving your money to a big multi-million dollar company but you are joining a site of someone who is doing something that he loves.

Why Did I launch iloveblackwomen.net?

Too often Black Women have expressed that they do not have the best experience on other dating sites. Some ladies have detected cultural biases on other dating site. Some women have fell victim to misguided stereotypes about Black Women and they are prejudged on dating sites. Some black women have totally avoided online dating because of this bias online.
In a perfect world race wouldn’t matter. Some men of ethnic backgrounds other than African/African American that are interested in dating Black Women may not know who that lovely ladies is open to dating. iloveblackwomen.net answers that question by allowing the ladies to state what ethnicity that they are open to dating. A lot of the ladies are very open to all ethnic and social backgrounds as long as they find love.


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